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Kamokin Nihonbashi 4 chome shop

Please enjoy the healthy duck meat with noodle! Duck meat is high in protein and low calorie. Moreover, it is very healthy, nutritious and blessed with fatty acids, rich vitamins and iron. You can find and feel free to eat such duck meat with noodles at Kamokin Nihonbashi 4 chome shop. You can eat the carefully selected thigh duck meat, onion, lemon, soup contains small fish with noodles. Then after you have eat the fresh duck meat which is rich in fat, you can drink the rest of the soup which is added with ginger hot water by your favorite taste. A lot of customers from far places and customers who bring their family come for many years just to seek this taste. The owner himself is a fan of Kamokin for 10 years! There are extraordinary fondness for this taste. The shop is located at east of Sakaitsuji road. It is a great place to take a break, away from the hustle and bustle after shopping at Nihonbashi Electric Town. Please do not hesitate to come to our shop!

Shop introduction


Nihonbashi 4-5-13, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0005


Not available





Subway Sakaisuji line 5 mintues walk from Ebisuchō Station1A exit
Subway Midosuji line 15 mintues walk from Nanba Station

Business hours

(Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)11:00~20:00

Regular holiday

Every Wednesday(year-end and New Year holidays)

Average budget

800 Yen

By card

Not available

Service charge


Seats and equipment

Number of seats

10 counter seats

Smoking/No smoking

No smoking





Canned bear, oolong tea


Duck udon (soba, yellow noodle), duck curry, duck riceball others

Feature-related information

Use scene

With friends,colleagues Alone With family

Children accompanied

Only counter seats available. But we welocme customers with children

Dress code


Shop we want to introduce

Nihonbashi 1 chome [Senmame].Great for fried rice. Pork sandwich also is recommended


Many customers come by their friends introduction. A lot of comedians and artists also come!!!Perhaps you have chance to meet them!!
(Tuesday, Thursday,Friday) <=Kamokin point becomes double
You can eat back menu of ramen which you can't usually eat if you collect point cards
It is crowded during lunch hour, so please sit side by side
You can buy cheap and famous cofee at the vending machine located at out of our shop

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  1. [1]Turn right from Osaka Municipal Subway Sakaisuji Line Ebisuchō Station 1A exit
  2. When you go about 100m, you will find [2] intersection, so turn right
  3. When you go about 50m, you will find [3] electronic stores, so turn left
  4. When you go about 50m, you will find [4] intersection, so cross straightly
  5. When you go about 50m, you will [5] arrive at our shop

Recommended tourist spot

Kurumon Market
Kurumon Market

Kurumon Market is a market and shopping street which is located at Nihonbashi 1,2 chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka. The market was open since February 1902. It is known as a treasure house of food in Osaka alongside Tsuruhashi market of Higashinari-ku, and Honan market of Toyonaka-shi.