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Kamokin Nihonbashi 4 chome shop

1. A set (double duck, duck onigiri, raw egg) 980 Yen

A set is a delicious double duck meat set. It is double size from the regular set. It is recommended by our regular customers. It is very delicious to eat together with raw egg, duck meat and soba.

2. B set (duck curry and white rice) 980 Yen

B set is a duck curry which is put on top of the rice! It is recommended by our shop manager. It is a great menu!! We recommend [yellow noodle] for the selection of noodle.

3. Salt onion rice with duck meat 380 Yen

“Duck one” is the original menu of Nihonbashi 4 chome shop. It is our proud dish which is cooked together with the taste of duck meat and onion without using a lot of oils.

4. 3 kinds of weight 950 Yen

3 kinds of weight is a combination of [udon], [soba] and [yellow noodle]. It is a great satisfaction menu and you can taste them all in one time. The volume of noodle is 660g.It is an irresistible menu.